Avon, Connecticut

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COVID-19 Statement: The health, safety and well-being of our players, coaches and parents is our first concern and we take into account the recommendations of US Soccer, CJSA, CDC, FVHD and state and local governments when establishing our protocols.  Avon Soccer Club has established a comprehensive COVID-19 Operations Plan that has been submitted and approved by the Town of Avon. This plan has been revised as of March, 2021, based upon updated guidelines.

To view the complete revised COVID-19 Operations Plan, please click here


Updated Guidance Fall 2021:


To view the latest Farmington Valley Health District Quarantine Chart, please click here



Recent Letter to ASC Community -


Hello Parent and Coaches in our Travel and Recreational Programs:


I am writing to clarify our COVID policy as we head into this weekend of games and the rest of the season.


Emails were distributed to all coaches, for distribution to their teams, outlining the mitigation strategies that ASC has recently implemented.  I want to stress that,  these were developed within the framework of, and in conjunction with, the Farmington Valley Health District and their quarantine protocols.


As I have explained to many parents over the past couple of weeks, Avon Soccer Club is not randomly trying to "add masking hours" to our kids' lives, impose additional burdens to their freedom of movement or "take all of the fun out of soccer".  On the contrary, we are in the business of keeping kids outdoors, on the soccer fields, as best as we can.  Our recent guidelines do just that, as the examples below demonstrate.


Recently, we have had 3 team members on three separate travel teams test positive for COVID.  In one instance, the entire team had to quarantine because we had not yet implemented our new guidelines.  In the other two cases, only the COVID-positive members had to quarantine because the coaches and players had been following our mitigation strategies.  The responsible actions by these coaches and players kept 29 players out of quarantine, in school and on the soccer field.


We understand that the rationale behind masking outdoors on the sidelines, keeping a social distance and no huddling might be confusing to some, questionable to others and more restrictive than general recommendations.  Again, I will reiterate, that the way in which FVHD determines who has to quarantine on a team is directly related to our ability to demonstrate compliance with the mitigation strategies.


Regardless of your personal views on mask mandates and other COVID-related issues, it is important to work with us to keep our kids out of quarantine and on the fields playing soccer.  Hopefully, this will be the last season in which we have to employ such techniques!  We expect that you will do your best to adhere to these guidelines. 


As a refresher, the current mitigation strategies are as follows:

  • Masks must be worn by all players on the sidelines who are not actively involved in soccer activities
  • Players should be socially distanced, at least 6' apart, when on the sidelines.  Space out their bags, water bottles, etc. by using cones or some other identifier.
  • No huddles, high fives, after-game congregating


If you have any questions, reach out to me, or Pat Hennig, Board Member.


Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and support of Avon Soccer.  We can, and will, get through this!


Kelly Nevins

ASC COVID Director